1991, Drama, 35mm, 76"

Screenwriter and director: Sharunas Bartas

DOP: Vladas Naudžius

Editor: Mingailė Murmulaitienė

Sound designer: Sharunas Bartas

Cast: Katerina Golubeva, Rima Latypova, Audrius Stonys, Arūnas Sakalauskas

Production company: Studija Kinema

Loneliness and search for the past brings two young people into an old port - former Konigsberg city. After having found his friend, one of them understand that it is impossible to turn back the time - the present arouses bitterness and disappointment. Another man is destined to experience the feeling of closeness to the other. Empty quays, the abandoned cathedral, the railway station and hotel rooms in a choking city - it is a continuous escape from everything - from everyone and themselves.

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